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Pacific Vascular Institute for Continuing Medical Education

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Pacific Vascular Institute for Continuing Medical Education (PVICME)
11714 North Creek Pkwy N
Suite 100
Phone: (425) 398-7772
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PVICME's Mission and Philosophy

To provide quality noninvasive vascular ultrasound services in a cost effective manner. To provide high quality educational activities and programs for physicians and other heath care professionals, dedicated to improving the patient care.

The educational activities set forth by PVICME are aimed at meeting the continuing education needs of physicians and other health care professionals who are expanding their skills in various specialties of medicine. These activities are based on the identified needs and interests from multiple sources including, but not limited to: past course evaluations, physician surveys, literature reviews, committee recommendations, professional organization recommendations, ultrasound laboratory accreditation, personnel credentialing requirements and published data. It is PVICME's aim to promote appropriate changes in provider's practices, through the improved knowledge and skills of physicians and other health care providers. Pacific Vascular controls all content and, ensures that there is scientific rigor, that there is no instructor bias, and that there is no commercial promotion.

PVICME provides continuing medical education to physicians and other health care providers world-wide. Current courses have been designed for a specific application in vascular surgery, cardiology, radiology, anesthesiology, OB/GYN, emergency, nephrology, and family practices.

Pacific Vascular strives to develop the latest in quality education through various methods of instruction including, but not limited to: lectures, case study analysis, enduring written materials, demonstrations, hands-on-training, and interpretation workshops. Materials are developed that take into account the different learning styles of participants (i.e., auditory, visual and tactile). PVICME ensure that students with disabilities or language barriers are accommodated. Individual needs of physician learners are accommodated. Educational activities will be free from the promotion or sale of commercial equipment and no sales representatives or commercial exhibits will be allowed in the classroom during educational activities. Faculty member's relationships with commercial companies are disclosed in writing to course participants and disclosure (when and how) is documented by a CME staff member.

All educational activities are developed in compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education's Essential Areas, Elements, Policies, and Standards for Commercial Support. PVICME's goal is to improve quality patient care by assessing the needs of the participants using various teaching strategies, evaluating and updating activities, and including whenever possible scientific research. Results are assessed through participant evaluations using the following methods:
»  Asking the participant what he or she found to be the most valuable piece of learning and how it will promote change in his or her practice.
»  Oral testing of clinical knowledge and skills.
»  Summaries of participant feedback.
»  Asking the participant if there was any instructor bias or commercial promotion during an educational activity or within the enduring material.
»  Surveying participants by email six months after a program to determine what impact the program had on participants in their medical practices.
»  In addition, results can be evaluated by noting the number of participants who return for additional training and/or send other personnel. This repeat business indirectly implies a high level of satisfaction with the educational experience.

PVICME mission statement was last reviewed on Jan. 25, 2003, by CME committee members, management team, and board members.

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